The ColibriAgency for Actors was founded from Katja Lorenz as the agent and Jakob Brieske as IT expert and legal adviser in 2009. Manja Niesler is the office assistant of Katja Lorenz.

Katja Lorenz was working as Quality Control Manager, Service Manager, personal management and more in Germany as well as in Spain and Egypt. After fulfilling the family foundation back in Germany she started to work with actors and actresses once again, as she was raced from a mother working on one of the most famous actors college “College for Acting Ernst Busch” speaking educators and a father working as lecturer and actor from the same college. Since 2012 the Agency is a member of

the VdA (Association of Agencies).

Katja Lorenz Katja Lorenz »katja.lorenz@colibriagentur.de
Daniela Schwerdt

Daniela Schwerdt (Agent for Juniors)

Karolin Kunstmann Karolin Kunstmann »karolin.kunstmann@colibriagentur.de
Jakob Brieske Jakob Brieske »jakob.brieske@colibriagentur.de

We thank for the extremely kind, partly very sincere as well as highly trustful cooperation with our business partners and actors.